Regenerative services

Consultancy, Design, Implementation
& Maintenance

Want to get a deeper understanding of your land and its potential? We offer regenerative services with the aim to inspire, guide and empower you to use nature’s wisdom to regenerate the land you are taking care of.

Regenerating vital ecosystemic functions like biodiversity, water cycles and soil conditions are core components in our services that are adjustable to many different forms, depending on the wishes of our clients.

We draw inspiration from a variety of regenerative practices. Mainly Successional Agroforestry, Permaculture, Forest restoration, Miyawaki and Biodynamics. We can advise, design, implement and maintain different kinds of planting, gardening, forest restoration, hedging, windbreaks or other landscaping projects.


social sliding scale between €300-€400*

We visit your land (2-3h) and explore its potential together with you. We analyze the landscape and the current state of the ecosystem, reading the patterns that nature shows us.

From there we identify the most potent areas to start implementing in order to empower the land as a whole. We explore more specifically what we can do to help your land/ garden/ area to get into the next stages of regeneration while aligning with your wishes.

End product: We send you a pdf file with our proposal, containing a description of the land and its natural patterns, a map based on drone imagery, and the first outline of proposed interventions with clear explanations.

Regenerative Packages

The price will depend on complexity, scale and your wishes

After the consultancy there are multiple ways in which we can support you. We divide these up into design, implementation and maintenance which are all core elements of realizing regeneration.

Depending on the scale, complexity and your wishes for the project, we offer various packages. After our initial visit and consultation, we can make a proposal of what we think is realistic in terms of ecological potential, input, timeline and budget.

We are always excited to get to know new pieces of land and their caretakers and create impactful results together!