Insecurities & Shame

Today we shared stories around insecurities & shame.

All of us remembered moments in which we felt we couldn’t fully express ourselves because we were scared of the reaction of others.Very often we would find ourselves lying in order to hide the truth out of the fear of being laughed at or judged.

One of the girls had a big releasing giggle before she could share her story with us.

She said that she loves to scratch her bumhole and smell her finger afterwards. 

Whenever her mom would ask her about it she would pretend that she would never do something disgusting like this. 

We had such a big laugh. We were not laughing about her but truly laughing with her. One other girl admitted that she would do the same and that had also not told anyone about it either because she thought it was too dirty to tell. That encouraged more girls to raise their hands and to tell their story. At the end, every girl had their hand up in the air. The ones that hadn’t smelled their buthole yet shared another story of sth ‘really disgusting’ they enjoyed doing.

We laughed so incredibly much and with every story and every laughter that came with it we all felt lighter in our bodies and more free in our hearts.