Our mission


We united ourselves behind common ideals

Our ideals are formed out of a deep motivation to set something positive and pure in the world. By being part of a movement that is actively challenging unbalanced patterns by providing hopeful alternatives. We believe in a holistic approach, which is why we work on various levels:

-   We work on an ecological level; restoring natural ecosystems in the dry and fire risk threatened South of Portugal. Europe’s frontlines when it comes to mitigating the effects of climate change and stopping desertification.

-   We work an a social level; by organizing accessible events around ecosystem restoration and setting up a community exchange network we are actively involving and unifying the local community for a hopeful cause.

-   We work on an economic level; creating sustainable income for people involved so they can commit to ecosystem restoration while supporting their livelihoods. And alongside we introduce and promote circular models such as the potent community exchange network.

-   We work on a cultural level: away from the conventional destructive way of relating to nature: we work on hopeful alternatives based on biodiversity and abundance for everybody. This way we aim to transform the mindset in society. 
form the mindset in society.


Our ideals cristalized into a legal framework

Stichting Restore Nature Foundation has set its objective to reinforce nature using a holistic approach by restoring and reinforcing natural ecosystems. Furthermore we focus on all further actions that support or can benefit our goal of ecosystem restoration. We are realizing this by initiating projects and providing financial and consultative support to initiatives that focus on:

  • - Integrating natural restoration in the core of their organization.
  • - Integrating natural restoration as a starting point for ecological, economical, social and cultural transformation.
  • - Creating consciousness about the value of nature through various educational tools.
  • - Local embedment of initiatives we support
  • - Building bridges between people of different backgrounds and different sectors of society.
  • - Transparency in the development and progress of the projects in an objective way. 

Our official documents

Transparency is important to our foundation. This is why we give you the opportunity to look into our official plans. Activities, financial plans, internal rules of procedure are downloadable in pdf format below


Policy plan (beleidsplan)

The red line of our actions

Financial plan 2022

Transparency in our financial ambitions in 2022

Internal rules of procedure

Transparency in our internal structure