How to guide children so that they will be empowered, conscious and ready for life?

In our community learning project, emotional and academic development are linking up.

We believe in starting the children’s inner motor of learning to have joy and motivation to study lifelong.

We are passionate to meet each child where it is right now.

We believe that being anchored in the present will enable us to follow the own unique rhythm every child has.

We as educators, learning coaches, life facilitators are dedicated to continuously do our inner work so we can be the best examples for the children.

We believe that the key to great education lies in the ability to truly connect with the child.

We dare to:

redefine success as measured less by achievement and more by spirit
allow children to develop an ownership of life, taking their lead on what interests and motivates them
impose children with as few impositions on their time and space as possible
teach children that the only curve they need to follow is the one that emanates from their own spirit
(Inspired by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, expert in family dynamics and personal development)

We believe that every child is thirsty for knowledge, open for learning and excited about life.

We believe that creating a learning environment where their needs are being met, in which they feel whole and home, seen and safe is what will open them up for lifelong learning.

We want to make sure that these qualities are being nourished so that the child will be able to find its own voice in a noisy world.

We want to provide children with tools that we wished to have when we were young in order to empower them to build strong roots and wings to fly.

With us children are empowered to:

  • develop critical thinking
  • solve complex problems
  • finish tasks on time
  • learn academic knowledge
  • pursue their passions
  • learn from each other
  • develop their own entrepreneurial skills
  • act responsibly and self-directed
  • become lifelong learners
  • work with their breath
  • regulate their nervous system
  • access and express their emotions
  • listen to their intuition
  • be vulnerable within a group
  • solve conflicts in a non violent way
  • develop healthy boundaries
  • cultivate self love
  • be their authentic self

We believe that following the interests of each child creates an inspiring learning experience that evokes the motivation to develop their own passion projects, to stick to deadlines and to finish tasks.

We believe children need to be presented with different learning contents to be able to develop interest in topics they would have never touched.

We believe that academic skills are crucial and a necessary basis for children to be able to pursue their passion projects.

We believe in healthy competition that evaluates each child by their own 100%.

We believe in a strong community of parents. That’s why we get together monthly in our mothers and fathers circles where we learn vulnerability within a group, how to fully show ourselves in front of others, share from the heart and offer each other support by witnessing our personal processes.

We believe that it’s crucial for the educators that work with our children to be part of these circles, to practice transparency and truthfulness and to connect with the parents as much as they connect with the children.

We believe that nature is our greatest source of inspiration and biggest teacher.

We believe that in every problem lies its own solution.

We believe that by restoring human relations we can restore the planet we inhabit.

  1. We will bring a kind and friendly attitude to school and come prepared with everything we need for a learning day.

  2. We all - students, teachers and parents - work together in a relationship of respect, honesty and trust. We respect not only other students and teachers but also their belongings, their private information, school premises, school materials and school yard, and make sure everything stays neat and intact.

  3. We always listen respectfully to the educators and fellow students. We don’t interrupt others when they are speaking.

  4. We always allow fellow students to participate in every activity fully without fear of ridicule or harsh judgment.

  5. We refrain from creating and spreading gossip and rumors.

  6. We know that put-downs are hurtful. That is why we always make sure not to pass judgment based on personal differences, avoid negative comments about the appearance of others and consider whether some jokes might offend someone.

  7. We understand that our bodies belong only to ourselves. Only I am making decisions about my body - what I am willing to do with my body and what I am not.

  8. We understand that ‘NO’ always means ‘NO’! And ‘STOP’ always means ‘STOP’. If I hear those words, I understand that the other person wishes me to stop what I am doing. I will respect this wish out of compassion and because I expect others to have the same respect towards me.

  9. We make it our intention to solve all the problems that might occur by using words only and staying friendly and calm. We don’t use ugly or offensive words, we don’t hit, we don’t push, we don’t hurt.

  10. We acknowledge that misunderstandings and mishaps sometimes occur. If I accidentally hurt someone with my words or actions, I will do my best to reduce the harm by apologizing and seeing how I can help.