Restore Nature for kids is a community learning project in the middle of the forest on an organic farm close to the village Barão de São João.
Restore Nature for kids is a community learning project in the middle of the forest on an organic farm close to the village Barão de São João.

Pioneers with a mission

Our vision is to reinvent education by unschooling ourselves and meeting our children from a place of trust instead of fear. 

We guide children aged 8-11 years in their own learning process, focusing on their passions and personal interests while providing a basic framework. 

Through the art of storytelling, (written, visual, digital, rhythmical, artistic, verbal) they will be encouraged to express themselves and to share their self-discovered wisdom with the world.

Task walks in nature, problem solving challenges, meditation, and breath work will be part of their daily structure. They will receive empowering tools that will help them to cultivate self love, critical thinking, and authenticity. Furthermore, they will practise compassionate communication, radical honesty, conflict resolution and do body & boundary work so they will be able to navigate resiliently and without fear through chaos, face challenges with grace, and transform shadows into light.


Family Focused

Including the families is fundamental to this community learning initiative.

There are monthly meetings in which we discuss organizational and logistical matters, plan fundraising events, brainstorm about content and discuss education and values.

The monthly women and men circles for the mothers and fathers (educators take also part) provide a space for more personal subjects to arise and for everyone to be witnessed in their process.

We work with a financial sliding scale hoping to support families with lower income. Monthly tuition is between €330-360 per child + at least 4 working hours per month. We follow a 10 month payment cycle.

In order to compensate for the immense amount of work that has been done by the families that have been there from the beginning we ask for an application fee of €300 from every new member.


September Admissions


September 2022 Admissions

Introduce yourself and we'll be in touch!

Due to the high interest of families wanting to join our project, we ask you to only get in touch if you meet the follow:
Student is fluent in English
Student has at least basic reading and writing skills
Student is between ages 8-12
You are committed to being part of the project for at least one year and investing personal time to make it grow. 

    We're Hiring

    Grow with us!

    Recruiting a second full-time educator
    We’re looking for an educator or perhaps two to team-teach in a multi-age, nature-based education project. Your qualities:
    Background in teaching primary aged children;
    Experience and passion for outdoor, nature-based education;
    Dedicated to a holistic, child-centered teaching approach;
    Ability to co-create and design project-based learning units for a multilevel class;
    Ability to incorporate differentiated teaching and assessment practices into daily tasks;
    You are a creative self-starter, a good communicator and you enjoy the benefits and challenges of team teaching;
    You are a versatile educator and you have great classroom management skills.
    You are aware of your own flaws and committed to personal growth
    You want to work on eye level with children
    You are as keen on learning from and with the children as you are about bringing across in an inspiring way your own knowledge
    You are inspired by different teaching methods without being dogmatic
    You have the ability to naturally connect with children from the heart






    Bodies & Boundaries for kids & parents

    During the school year, our "Magical Mondays" have been the highlight for the kids in our community learning project that we started in September 2021. We are excited to share some of our empowering tools with you and your children!

    Are you interested in this one day workshop? Either for yourself and your family, for your own learning community or for your school class? 

    Please get in touch with us and we are happy to organise something together with you! All Profits go to the Restore Nature Community Learning Project
    Katjalisa: +31 624 555 311
    For more information on our work
    What we will explore:
    full body yes and full body no
    bodies & boundaries
    vulnerability within a group
    What you will take home:
    grounding, positive self-esteem, self confidence, communication skills, body wisdom, connection, healing & nourishment, empowerment

    How will the day look:
    We’ll start the day with a short sharing circle together with parents and children.
    Then we’ll playfully explore through hands-on exercises our full body yes and our fully body no, work with our boundaries and learn healthy ways to communicate them.
    After a shared lunch we will split up the groups. Through ‘stories as medicine’ both parents and kids can share in separate circles about their experiences.
    Short closing circle with everyone.



    Katjalisa has a background in Anthropology and somatic sex education.

    She is the co- founder of the community learning project “Restore Nature for kids’ and the founder of the Slow Sex Experience (for adults).

    Her vision is to create a new culture of relating by providing pioneering education for children, teenagers and adults. She is mentored by Sanderijn van der Doef, a leading authority in the Netherlands and abroad in the field of sexual education.



    Mattie grew up on a biodynamic farm in the Netherlands and has a background in Anthropology.

    He is the founder of the Restore Nature Foundation and the co-founder of the community learning project “Restore Nature for kids’.

    He is dedicated to restoring natural ecosystems and to reinventing education. Empowering the younger generation by sharing his work is the most hopeful thing he can do!