Dance as if no one was watching…

We all love to dance.

Why do we find it so challenging to move our bodies freely in the way it feels good to us without caring how it looks to others?

Most of us had experienced moments in which someone had made fun of us when we were dancing in public. Especially the boys would not miss out an opportunity to crack a stupid joke or to drop a mean comment when the girls are dancing or singing. 

One of the girls had already shared a few weeks ago about her traumatic experience with one of the boys in her old school that told her she looked goofy and weird when she was dancing and that she couldn’t sing either. Since then, her body has been freezing when she would actually like to move and any tone of her voice would stay stuck in her throat when she would like to sing.

Today, we danced in the forest with our eyes closed as if no one was watching.

Barefeet, some of us even without pants only in their underwear, we danced ourselves free from all the insecurities, shaked off all labels others had ever put on us. 

Another liberating experience!

Next step will be to share with the boys how it makes us feel when they make fun of us. On the base of non violent communication we were exploring different ways of how we could express ourselves to the boys in a way that they would be open to hear us.

We found that first of all we had to share our vulnerability with them:

“When we dance or sing and you make fun of us, it makes us feel…insecure, uncomfortable, shameful etc. Our wish is that you show us respect by just letting us be. Thank you for listening.”