Being in love

Today’s theme was ‘Being in love’: I opened the circle by asking them the following questions and invited them to freely, popcorn style, bring in their answers: How does it feel to be in love? where in your body do you feel it? Does it remind you of an animal or any other sensation? How do you know the difference … Read More

Dance as if no one was watching…


We all love to dance. Why do we find it so challenging to move our bodies freely in the way it feels good to us without caring how it looks to others? Most of us had experienced moments in which someone had made fun of us when we were dancing in public. Especially the boys would not miss out an … Read More

Insecurities & Shame

Today we shared stories around insecurities & shame. All of us remembered moments in which we felt we couldn’t fully express ourselves because we were scared of the reaction of others.Very often we would find ourselves lying in order to hide the truth out of the fear of being laughed at or judged. One of the girls had a big … Read More

Bodies & Boundaries


Go through your household (take a walk in nature) and look for objects that you could use for a playful body & boundary moment with your child. Be creative in your choice. Look for objects that have different qualities. For example: a fork, a glass, a feather, a stingy twig, a mandarine, a piece of fluffy cotton etc. Take your … Read More


(Inspired by Storyteller Berber Hidma) We are all made out of stories. The stories we tell to ourselves and the stories we tell to others play a big role in the way we form our identity and how we construct our reality. Some stories have been extremely damaging to our personal development and follow us like a ghost through the … Read More