Adopt your piece of forest!

For just €10 you can become a regenerator by adopting 1m² of land and help us to bring back biodiverse forest ecosystems in one of the most degraded areas of Southern Europe!

On every adopted m2 we create a micro ecosystem by:

  • planting trees, cuttings and seeds that restore native biodiversity
  • adding compost to improve soil health
  • creating a ‘nest’ of organic material (mulch) around the plants that holds water ánd protects and feeds the soil!

3 different trees, 3 different cuttings, many different seeds


Seed bomb


The plants inside their nest


A row of nests on every 1m²


Micro ecosystems, creating larger forest ecosystems

Europe was once covered by forests. And together we can help them return.

  1. stratification: the optimal light need of every plant. 
  2. natural succession: choosing companion plants that build up the ecosystem gradually, each fulfilling their roles in different phases of the development of the forest. 
  3. biodiversity: we choose a high diversity of native species that create resilience within the system. 
  4. Soil coverage: Inspired by nature's wisdom, we imitate the bird's nest with organic material which protects the area inside against heat and frost. Over time this biomass will also feed the micro organisms in the soil that in turn add more fertility to the system. 

Altogether we create a strong natural approach for harsh circumstances,  increasing the survival possibilities for everything we plant and building up larger forest ecosystems. 

The more nests, the more power for nature’s regenerative force to turn things around. We are committed to creating a deep impact: we don’t just plant trees- we plant forest ecosystems!

Let’s regenerate our planet together!


Bring in your expertise

Contribute to the regenerative movement by bringing in your qualities that can help our organization thrive. Let’s create a social ecosystem to empower the natural ecosystem!

Currently we are mostly looking for fundraisers (either through companies or national, international or European Union funding programs). This could be a paid function as a share of the funds raised. Furthermore we could use people that can support us mostly on a voluntary basis to  contribute in different forms  to develop our organization further and have deeper impact.

Let's bring back forests together

to prevent European deserts

Restore Nature Foundation (RNF)

restores forest ecosystems in Southern Portugal: one of the driest, most fire risky and degraded areas of Europe. Here, on the frontline, we are dedicated to use the power of nature to turn things around.

We empower local projects and land regenerators to realize regional impact. Together we work on regenerative solutions to combat desertification and restore nature.

Forests ecosystems are vital for:

Preserving water and biodiversity
Creating fertile soil
Storing massive amounts of CO2
Creating the air we breath and many other products
Connecting us to our natural environment.


Restoring the watercycle

Catching water in the landscape, hydrating the land

Planting trees: Biodiversity

Imitating the original forest: it's layers and species

Improving soil conditions

Organic matter, compost, fungi, microorganisms

Connect to the land we work in through our interactive map

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