To have a long term impact on nature, we need a solid plan

So far: 2020

This has been a transformational year in which our ideals have been crystalized into a solid form. We laid the fundamentals on which we can build and realize serious impact on nature.

  • February: the start of an idea

    Our founder Matthijs (Mattie) stays in Portugal at Vinha Velha because of love: for nature and his woman. The travel restrictions are the final push to build a new life. At Vinha Velha he finds the same idealism he knows from home: the idealistic farm 'De Meander' where collaborating with and restoring nature is ingrained in the vision. The idea of creating a foundation starts.

  • September 15th: official birth

    The foundation is officially established! We are now a 5 person strong team, each with their own qualities to support the vision of Restore Nature. Three board members and two people in charge of directing the activities of the foundation. And the amount of people supporting is growing.

  • December: the structure in place

    Developing clear plans in collaboration with Vinha Velha, local reforestation experts and people from the region. Resulting in a recurring 'Fridays for Nature' event where everybody can come to learn and help out in nature, and some bigger workshops that are freely accessible for the local community. The first trees are in the ground!

What's next: 2021

2021 will be the year of serious action. The funds we raised through crowdfunding will be invested in the first strategic interventions to help boost the local ecosystems. It is time to go outside and create life.

  • February: crowdfunding

    Launch of the crowdfunding to create the first funds so we can start in depth interventions to realize positive impact on nature. This way we empower individuals, companies and organizations to join us and contribute to the movement by donating to our foundation.

  • Starting the bigger action

    The funds raised by the crowdfunding will be invested in starting our first serious interventions accessible for the local community: Planting diversity of native tree species to imitate the natural forest ecosystem, restoring the waterstreams in the landscape by building dams, creating biomass to protect and feed the soil, adding compost and other material to improve soil conditions, creating a tree nursery.

  • Long term collaborations

    We develop long term collaborations through local community building around the topic of ecosystem restoration, joining forces with tree planting companies and tree donating companies, building bridges with the business world and start applying for EU funding.

Long term models

To have a long term impact on nature, we need a long term model to sustain our foundation.

This is just the start of our journey. In order to build a solid structure, we developed long term plans around activities, finances, and social and cultural impact.

In order for our actions to be effective and impactful, we need a well organized and solid plan. Preparation, effective execution and evaluation are all important aspects of our activities. Our aim is to be as transparant as possible. Providing insight in our actions not only through blogs, reports and pictures, but also through detailed maps where you can trace the exact location through our page!

Below you see a representation of our activities



Financial models
The crowdfunding is just the start of our journey. The first financial input to kickstart our long term vision.
In the long run we aim to empower companies, individuals and governments to join our efforts. By joining the movement that is growing. The momentum is increasing. More and more businesses are open to give back to nature what has been damaged. People are getting more conscious about their power to make a difference through the choices they make. And governments are carefully starting to open up to support projects that empower nature.

With every contribution individuals, companies and governments empower themself to have a positive impact on nature. And they empower us to executing the work in the field. 

So do tell our story. You will be surprised how many people want to support nature projects. Now more than ever.

Social models
An important aspect of our efforts is the social part of it. We not only make strategic interventions in nature ourselves, we also want to collaborate with people in the region so we can multiply the impact. We actively invite people to join our events and workshops for free so everybody can benefit.

In order to form a close social ties, we founded a community exchange network. In the core it is focussed on helping each other out with regenerative activities on the lands of the connected members. We register the hours we dedicate to working in others by rewarding them with our digital coin. This coin does not represent monetary value, but worked hours.


Cultural transformation
We aim to change the leading conventional approach when it comes to relating to nature. Nowadays, the conventional way is to exploit the natural resources until the area is basically depleated and the ecosystem is severely damaged if not completely destroyed.

We want to show that there is another way.

We believe in joining forces with nature through a holistic approach. Observing natural processes and empower them. Understanding the functions of the whole connected system and strengthen them.
It is not about quantity, it’s all about quality. In terms of ecosystems: it’s not about how many trees we plant, but about the amount of biodiversity we create. It’s about how we can improve the soil quality, it’s about how we can reinforce the functions of the ecosystem. 

It’s about restoring natural balance. And we want to show why it is a way more beneficial solution for everybody.

We want to show that we can build a healthy culture wherein we appreciate nature for what it gives to us.