Regeneration is
our core mission


Given the degrading processes in the Algarvian landscape and on planet earth as a whole, we are deeply committed to restore natural balance, making regeneration our core mission. Our aim is to empower nature through deep and holistic regenerative practices to restore vital ecosystemic functions of improving biodiversity, water cycles and soil conditions.

We draw inspiration from a variety of regenerative practices. Syntropic Agroforestry, Permaculture, the Soil Food Web School, Holistic Land Management, Miyawaki Forests, Forest Restoration and Biodynamic farming. With our mind always open to other methods that have long term regeneration ingrained in their approach.

We strive to be part of a movement that is actively challenging unbalanced and destructive patterns in society and that provides hopeful regenerative alternatives. As we are all part of the natural world, we take nature’s wisdom as our biggest source of inspiration. Not only to regenerate biodiverse forest ecosystems, but also to contribute to positive social, educational, economic, cultural and political change towards a future we can believe in.


We work on an ecological level: bringing back diverse forest ecosystem in the dry and fire risky South of Portugal, Europe’s frontline when it comes to mitigating the effects of climate change and stopping desertification in its tracks

We work on a social level: We are actively bringing the local and international community together for a hopeful cause that aims to create purpose and contribute to a sustainable society where we respect and empower the macro ecosystem of planet earth.

We work on an educational level: creating accessible events and sharing knowledge and tools to promote regeneration in many forms, to many different kinds of public.

We work on an economic level: aiming to make regenerative practices profitable for its practitioners so that more people can support their livelihood by rebuilding the health of our planet. Promoting circular economic models to create a fair and resilient society.

We work on a cultural level: We aim to promote hopeful alternatives for conventional ways of working with land. We aim for a cultural impact based on collaborating and reconnection with the natural systems we live in.

We work on a political level: promoting regenerative practices and long term mindset to create powerful solutions for political problems. Promoting biodiversity over monocultures, planting over ‘cleaning’ land, ecosystem restoration over erosion.

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The Restore Team


Matthijs Wansink (Mattie)

Founder & regenerative coreteam

Mattie is a driven regenerator at heart and a passionate bridge builder between humans and the rest of the ecological world. His ambitious vision to restore ecosystems led him to found our organization.

Mattie is firmly rooted in nature’s regeneration through methods of Successional Agroforestry, Permaculture, and Biodynamic agriculture. Moreover, he is always keen to look deeper and learn more about the natural world. Living from a deep trust that as long as we learn how to tune into nature’s cycles, there is always a way to restore balance, even in the urgent circumstances of Southwest Portugal.


Manuel Castro (Manu)

Board member & regenerative coreteam

Manu is a passionate regenerator. His spark was ignited in the Brazilian jungle, following his first courses in regenerative agriculture at the source of the Agroforestry movement. Ever since he has been building a lot of experience with these methods, as well as with natural building and other practical solutions for off grid living.

He has a keen eye for practical solutions when it comes to landscape regeneration and natural building. Algarve’s harsh conditions are challenging but he has the conviction that abundance can be created in any environment.


Matthijs Wansink (Mattie)

Founder & regenerative coreteam

Jeroen is equipped with many regenerative skills which makes him our water management expert and soil technician (Soil Food Web School) among other things. He is very passionate about ecosystem restoration and positive system change.

He is part of a community in the Algarve, Portugal that aims to be part of a transition of sustainable development through ecological regeneration and community building on a 100 hectares piece of land. Convinced that with the right water management tactics, soil biology and planting methods we can regenerate the Algarve.


We function as a non profit organization with the objective to serve a common cause: ecosystem restoration through hands-on activities and events that promote regeneration.

Team functioning:
Our team consists of a board of directors and three board members. Together we carry out the vision of the organization, each contributing with their own qualities.

We meet regularly to receive updates on the financial and operating conditions of the foundation, as well as putting our objectives into concrete planning and activities.

The board of directors initiate, manage and evaluate the activities of the foundation. For their efforts to pull the wagon, initiating and executing actions, managing day to day tasks, setting up long term objectives and work in the field they receive a reasonable financial compensation that does not exceed modal income.

The board members provide oversight, leadership and guidance for the foundation’s legal and ecological paths. They also serve as the legal check and balance of the organization, carrying responsibility for the healthy and just management of the foundation. Official decisions and approval for actions are responsibilities of the members of the board: they take place by democratic majority voting.

The members of the board do not get financial rewards for their activities in their role. They can get compensated for certain costs that fall under our financial compensation policy.

We aim to be as transparent as possible by communicating, reporting and keeping track of our activities and administration. We aim to invest as much of the funds as we can to create an in-depth and regenerative impact on nature. And at the same time we aim to create a sustainable income for our people doing the work so they can keep committing themselves to our mission while being able to support their livelihood.

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Transparency and official recognition

Restore Nature Foundation received the ANBI status which means it is a charitable public benefit organization. Moreover, this status can provide considerable tax benefits, especially for Dutch donors and volunteers.

To meet the legal requirements to hold this status and our aim to operate transparently, we publish reports of our most important data online in downloadable form, see below

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