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Restore Nature Foundation

Restore Nature Foundation (RNF) is an NGO that restores forest ecosystems in Southern Portugal: one of the driest, most fire risky and degraded areas of Europe. Here, on the frontline, we are dedicated to use the power of nature to turn things around.

We empower local projects and land regenerators to realize regional impact. Together we work on regenerative solutions to combat desertification and restore nature.

Forests ecosystems are vital for:

  • Preserving water and biodiversity
  • Creating fertile soil
  • Storing massive amounts of CO2
  • Creating the air we breath and many other products
  • Connecting us to our natural environment

Our approach

Europe was once covered by forests. And together we can help them return.
Planting trees: Biodiversity
Imitating the original forest: it's layers and species
Restoring the watercycle
Catching water in the landscape, hydrating the land
soil conditions
Organic matter, compost, fungi, microorganisms

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Giving back to nature

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Scale up impact
We empower local regenerators to restore forest systems while creating strong community connections.
Fridays for Future
We organize accessible action events where people can connect with, learn about and have a positive impact on nature. It's a lot of fun too!
Nature education
Even more important then regenerating land is teaching others how to do so. We facilitate nature education workshops, events, classes for kids and adults.


Join forces
Join forces with us by making a contribution to our foundation so we can have a positive impact on nature together.
Compensate your footprint
Supporting us can be your way of giving back to nature: balancing out the impact we have on nature in daily life.
Build a hopeful future with us
Become part of a growing movement that pushes for regenerative change. And by doing so, create a hopeful future for next generations by tapping into the power of nature that is inside us all.

Our partners